New ADVANCED Dry Block Calibrators

Isotech have a new range of Dry Block Calibrators with more features than ever before – with up to three input channels, resolution to 0.001°C, logging, improved performance; Ethernet interface with new software...

Isotech 8th International Distributor Seminar

Isotech has just held its 8th International Distributor conference which drew  50 visitors from 36 different countries. The three day event was a great success which combined the unveiling of a new range of temperature calibrators, training presentations, hands on training and a celebration of world metrology.

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Oberon Model 426

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Model 426 is for Aluminium, Silver, Gold or Copper slim fixed point cells as well as for comparison calibration. Heat pipes provide the ideal conditions for the creation and maintenance of slim ITS-90 cells.

  • Compact Heat pipe Furnace
  • Suits Aluminium, Silver or Copper Fixed Points
  • Can be used for comparison and infrared calibration