New: Isotech Quick Selection Guides and Catalogues

For 2014 we have updated our catalogues and produced three new quick selection guides.


Isotech is a sponsor of TEMPMEKO 2013 and will be presenting a paper. Be sure to drop by our booth and be the first to see some "top secret" new products.

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Isotech Model 670

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The 670 Family consists of quartz sheath (recommended) and metal sheath models with Ro of both 25.5 and 100 Ohm

The 670SQ is our latest thermometer, to be specifically designed to give optimum performance up to the aluminium point. Its construction permits the four internal platinum lead wires to expand and contract in the same manner as those of silver-point thermometers.

  • Useable Range -200°C to 670 °C
  • 25.5 Ohm SPRT
  • Outstanding Performance