New: Isotech Quick Selection Guides and Catalogues

For 2014 we have updated our catalogues and produced three new quick selection guides.


Isotech is a sponsor of TEMPMEKO 2013 and will be presenting a paper. Be sure to drop by our booth and be the first to see some "top secret" new products.

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microK Precision Thermometry Bridge

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NEW Models - microk 70, 125, 250 and 500
Improved accuracy and more Features, see brochure

The microK family of precision thermometers set new world standards for accuracy and stability. Designed for a wide range of high accuracy industrial and scientific calibration applications, the instrument uses a completely new measurement technique to achieve accuracies better than 0.1 parts per million (ppm).

  • Ratio Accuracy up to ±0.017ppm
  • Zero drift for PRTs
  • PRT, thermocouple and thermistor sensing
  • <2 second measurement time
  • Keep-warm currents
  • 0-10mA sensor current
  • Touch screen