RBC Software

RBC Software

The latest version of the code supports both the current automatic and manual models.

The newer automatic model of the RBC offers improved performance, can be immersed into an oil bath for temperature control and of course offers vastly reduced operator time. There is more information on our website here




The latest version of the RBC software is version 2.4, all the DLLs updated to version 2.4. This can be considered a new starting point. Earlier versions of the DLLs won’t work with version 2.4 of the RBC software and version 2.4 of any of the DLLs won’t work with earlier versions of the RBC software. Anyone  who has written their own DLLs  and wants to use version 2.4 of the RBC software (or later) will need to change their function calls to CDECL and recompile them. Otherwise a fresh installation is all that is needed.

Install Instructions

Please install from the ZIP file.

The activation code was included with the RBC - please contact us in case of difficulty.

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