Gemini 4857 Series

High Capacity Blocks to 700°C

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Introducing the Isotech 4000 Series

Gemini 4857 Series

High Capacity Blocks to 700°C

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  • Calibrate Large Diameter Probes
  • High Capacity Blocks 64 x 160mm
  • Calibrate Whole Measurement Loop

Need advice on which model? Dry Block Selection Guide

The Gemini range of Dry Blocks have high capacity allowing a large number of probes to be calibrated together. They are also suitable to accept large diameter probes with the block volume of a nominal 64 x 160mm. Whilst the large block takes longer to heat and cool than the Jupiter it can calibrate thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermostats and sensors that are too largefor the smaller blocks.

These award winning calibrators are easy to use and are available in three versions – the Basic, the Site and the ADVANCED. The Basic has a digital display of set and nominal temperature, the Site additionally includes an inbuilt independent temperature indicator for a reference probe. The ADVANCED controller has inputs for reference and test thermometers with a further range of sophisticated features including automatic temperature cycling, secure data logging and full colour high resolution display. All models include I-Cal Easy LOG software and the ADVANCED models additionally include software to manage logged data and configure the unit.

Available with a fixed block with four 8mm and four 19.5mm pockets or the LRI version which has a removable block.With the LRI model, blocks can be drilled to custom configurations.

Isotech is a world leader in temperature calibration, providing many nations with their Primary Standards and operates a full scale UKAS accredited calibration laboratory. We can offer a range of calibration options to meet your requirements.

These models meet the calibration capacity requirements of EURAMET/cg-13/v.01, “EA Guidelines on the Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators, formerly EA10/13.

Parameter Model Gemini 4857
550 700
Temperature Range 35°C to 550°C 50°C to 700°C
Absolute Stability over 30 mins ±0.01°C @ 100°C ±0.015°C @ 300°C ±0.03°C @ 550°C "
Display Resolution 0.01°C over whole range "
Input Channel Accuracy: Thermocouple E, J, K, N: ±0.2°C @ 660°C R: ±0.6°C S: ±0.7°C @ 660°C T: ±0.2°C @ 150°C "
CJC Accuracy ±0.35°C "
Input Channel Accuracy: RTD ±0.05°C ±0.005% RDG "
Absolute Stability over 30 mins ±0.02°C @ 50°C ±0.03°C @ 250°C ±0.04°C @ 550°C "
Display Resolution 0.01°C from 30.00 to 99.99°C then 0.1°C: 0.01°C Over PC Interface "
COMMON Specifications
Cools from 550°C to 275°C in 35 mins (LRI: 132 mins) -
Cools from 550°C to 60°C in 345 mins (LRI: 420 mins) -
Heats from 30°C to 550°C 35 mins (LRI: 60 mins) -
Heats from 50°C to to 700°C - in 110 mins (LRI: 120 mins)
Best Performance See Graph See Graph
Calibration Volume 65mm diameter, 160mm deep "
Indicator Units °C, °F, K "
Voltage 115Vac or 230Vac 50/60Hz "
Power 600 Watts (LRI: 1000 Watts) "
Dimensions 384H (including handle) x 212W x 312D mm "
Weight 8.5kg 14kg

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