Infrared Calibrators

COVID-19 : We have been able to help with the surge in demand to calibrate both non-contact medical thermometers and to supply blackbody calibrators to improve the accuracy of thermal imaging systems. The laboratory model Hyperion R Model 982 (-10°C to 80°C, Emissivity > 0.995) has been used both on site and in laboratories for the calibration of medical thermometers.  The Blackbody Model 988 ( 20°C to 45°C, Emissivity > 0.97) is also being used to check medical thermometers and to improve the accuracy of fever detection systems based on thermal cameras.

This section contains dedicated blackbody sources for low uncertainty calibration of infrared thermometers. A range of portable primary blackbody sources combine high emissivity with excellent temperature uniformity. The cylindrical cavity design minimises the effects of air movement and ambient changes.

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