Industrial Laboratory

Isotech can calibrate your industrial temperature calibration equipment including Dry Block Calibrators

The Industrial Laboratory calibrates the full Isotech range of industrial calibration equipment and equipment from other manufacturers including Dry Block Calibrators.

The measurement systems in operation include the microK coupled with Model 909 SPRT and Semi Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers including model 935-14-95H.

For the higher temperatures the lab utilises Platinum Rhodium Standard Thermocouples, Type R and Type S.

The laboratory operates an Isotech Gallium Fixed Point system for monitoring the Standard Thermometers in addition to regular checks in water triple point cells in the Primary Laboratory

For Isotech Dry Block calibration the lab has automated systems that program calibration offsets into the controllers optimising accuracy.

In addition to the calibration of Isotech Blocks the laboratory also offers a UKAS calibration service for blocks from manufacturers with procedures compliant with UKAS Technical Policy Statement 38, TPS 38 The Implementation of EURAMET/cg-13 Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators


Metal block calibrators and portable liquid baths

Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) Expressed as an Expanded Uncertainty (k=2) UKAS

 0°C   10 mK Suitable for zero reference baths
 -80°C to 0°C   25 mK
0°C to 156 °C   20 mK
156°C to 300°C   35 mK
300°C to 420°C   50 mK
420°C to 660°C   65 mK
660°C to 1100°C  1.0 °C
1100°C to 1300°C  3.0 °C

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