Secondary Laboratory

We can calibrate your standards in our leading laboratory, we focus on low uncertainty calibration and take pride in the quality of our service from experienced temperature specialists.

The Secondary Laboratory utilises Isotech ISOTowers, Fixed Point Cells, stirred liquid baths, fluidised furnaces and high temperature spherical furnaces to provide stable isothermal volumes which facilitate comparison calibration at temperatures from -196.798°C to 1300°C.

Additionally the Secondary Laboratory also maintains ITS-90 Fixed Point standards from the Triple Point of Mercury (-38.8344°C) through to the Freezing Point of Aluminium (660.323°C). The laboratory was expanded in 2013 to provide additional space.

The measurement systems in operation comprise precision thermometry bridges in the microK and ASL F18 coupled with Model 909 and 670SQ Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers and Tinsley 5685A Standard Resistors. For the higher temperatures the lab utilises two groups of NPL traceable type R Standard Thermocouples.

Secondary laboratory calibration scope:

  • Resistance Thermometers (PRTs, SPRTs, Thermistors, etc..)
  • Resistance Thermometer and indicator systems
  • Noble Metal Thermocouples
    Base Metal Thermocouples
  • Thermocouple and indicator systems
    Electrical simulation of temperature measuring instruments
    Electrical calibration of temperature simulators
  • Fixed Resistors

We calibrate our own equipment in addition other manufacturer’s including KAYE IRTD’s, RENISHAW sensors, HP sensors and many more.

How NTPL Can Help

  • Flexibility to calibrate sensors and systems that most other labs would not undertake
  • Many unique calibration techniques have been developed with customer’s, to provide ground breaking uncertainty levels for established instruments or those in the development stage providing priceless evaluation data
  • Special prices based on multiple thermometer calibrations
  • Special pricing structure for Thermometer and indicator systems


Contact us today to learn about our calibration services and how we can help you.

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