John Tavener

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John Tavener President and Head of Laboratories

About John Tavener

John is President of Isothermal Technology Ltd, (Isotech) a company he founded in 1980. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the City University of London and his Masters in Control Theory at the Cranfield Institute of Advances Technology. He was a Senior Engineer for Rolls Royce & Associates designing instrumentation for the UK nuclear submarine fleet before co-founding Sensing Devices Ltd, a thermometry company, in 1971. From Isotech's foundation John have been head of Isotech’s Laboratory NTPL seeing it through the changes from the British Calibration Service to NAMAS and now UKAS. Isotech increased its range of accredited services and reduced its uncertainties until in 2008, it has the smallest uncertainties within the UKAS temperature group.

From 1990 to 2000 John co-published with Henry Sostmann the Isotech Journal of Thermometry which covered all aspects of thermal metrology. John has presented papers on the Water Triple Point, SPRTs and Fixed Points and more recently his novel and patented combination of fixed points and apparatus.

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