Custom Calibration Blocks for Isotech Temperature Calibrators

Custom Calibration Blocks for Isotech Temperature Calibrators

26 Jul 2016

When calibrating thermocouples and resistance thermometers in dry block temperature calibrators it is important that the probes are a good fit in the block or insert.

Isotech have a range of standard inserts to cover most requirements - but we can also help with advice on applications and design a custom block for your Isotech calibrators.
We have invested in the latest CAD design software and CNC machines dedicated for the production of inserts. Having this in-house allows us to make cost effective calibration blocks in a timely manner.

Have a custom insert can save you money – avoiding the need to buy a large set of standard inserts.

Over the summer, right through to September the 21st we can offer you a great deal – buy a NEW Temperature Calibrator from our 4000 range and we can offer you a custom made insert at the same price as the standard stock items. This is subject to our prior approval of the design – and at participating distributors only.
Quote Code: ”SUMMER16OFFER” to qualify.

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