Laboratory Update at Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik

Laboratory Update at Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik

20 Mar 2018

Our colleagues in Germany, Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik , are continually expanding their ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. For many years they have operated Isotech Slim Cell ITS-90 Fixed Points before upgrading to the ISOTowers. ISOTowers combine the ITS-90 Fixed Point with a heat siphon forming a ‘siphonic cell’ and feature an ‘Immersion Compensator’ to compensate for stem conductance problems. The resulting calibration solution is a desktop device, capable of the smallest of calibration uncertainties for SPRTs; rather than a large expensive furnace housing a fragile cell.
After gaining DAkkS accreditation Klasmeier are now providing an unrivalled service in Germany for the calibration of SPRTs and IPRTs.

Isotech Slim Cell Setup



The More Recent ISOTower Facility


Metrology Furnaces to the Silver Point 

 All Equipment is Fully Automated

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