Water Triple Point Maintenance Bath

Maintain and safeguard Water Triple Point cells.

Water Triple Point Maintenance Bath

Maintain and safeguard Water Triple Point cells.

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  • Maintains Four WTP Cells
  • Proven Use in Many NMIs
  • Safe and Convenient Operation

This dedicated apparatus has more than 35 years of proven use and is widely used by the worlds’ leading NMIs. In a recent International study cells from 21 of the world’s leading laboratories were inter-compared; the study used two Isotech 18233 Baths to maintain the cells during the inter-comparisons.

The Isotech Model 18233 Water Triple Point Maintenance Bath is not an adaptation of general-purpose equipment, but is specifically designed to maintain and safeguard one to four Water Triple Point Cells.

Cooling is accomplished by efficient solid-state Peltier chilling modules, powered so that the rate of temperature change is very small. Solid state cooling ensures minimal power consumption, silent operation and no vibration.

Safety is provided by both electrical safety circuits and passively by the physics of ice. If the Peltier chillers become too cold, the first ice which forms is on the water tank surfaces directly in contact with the chillers, effectively inhibiting further rapid transfer of freezing to the bath water.

Compared to general purpose baths with mechanical cooling it has advantage of

  • Safer Operating Range -0.3 to +0.3C
  • Solid State Vibration Free Cooling - Quieter Operation
  • Holds up to Four Cells
  • Lower Energy Consumption / Operating Costs

Updated Control System

The control system has been updated and now features a large colour display with crystal clear graphics. An Ethernet interface allows the bath temperature to be remotely monitored. Other features include data logging of the bath temperature along with the air intake temperature - the data can be exported to a USB drive.The bath has a long and successful history and is relied on by many National Laboratories throughout the world. This history of successful use is one of the most important reasons for choosing Isotech products.

Model ITL-M-18233
Temperature Range ±0.01°C - ±0.03°C
Accuracy ±0.001°C, ±0.0001°C in Cell
Ambient Limits 18°C to 28°C
Time to temperature na
Power 150 Watts typical, 100-130 or 208-40 Vac* 50/60Hz (*fields changeable)
Dimensions Height 910mm, Width 635mm, Depth 710mm, Weight 66kg
Options Triple point of water cells
How to order ITL-M-18233 Water triple point maintenance bath. Please specify which types of cells will be used so that we can supply the correct cell holder.

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