Isis Dry Block Calibrator (Sec Lab)

World's First Dry Block to -100°C. 35 x 160mm

Isis Dry Block Calibrator (Sec Lab)

World's First Dry Block to -100°C. 35 x 160mm

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The Isis Dry Block offers operation to temperatures as low as -100°C, and is the only block bath working to such a low temperature. Now it is possible to calibrate temperature sensors such as PRTs, Thermocouples and Thermistors at ultra low temperatures without the need for a liquid bath.

Portability and Safety

Unlike a liquid bath the Isis requires no costly, or hazardous fluids and offers greater portability. This will be of particular value to calibration engineers working on site with low temperature freezers as encountered in pharmaceutical, aeronautical and food environments.

The minimum operating temperature is less than stirred liquid laboratory calibration baths and users in laboratories will also benefit by avoiding the ongoing need for expensive fluids.

The maximum operating temperature is 40°C, a little higher than the minimum operating temperature of Isotech Hot Blocks. This permits covering the range from -100°C to 650°C or higher with just two Isotech blocks.

By limiting the maximum temperature the reliability and operating life of the cooling engine is maximised, and has been agreed in consultation with the licensee of the cooling technology, see below.

Technical Feature Value
Model 525 Isis
Temperature Range -100°C to +40°C
Approximate Time to temperature from ambient -20°C - 20 minutes, -40°C - 30 minutes, -60°C - 40 minutes, -80°C - 60 minutes, -100°C - 90 minutes.
Absolute Stability At 0°C ±0.03°C (30 minutes), At -90°C ±0.02°C (30 minutes).
Radial Homogeneity (similar pockets) 0.01°C
Vertical gradients (over bottom 40mm) 0 to 0.1°C, -90°C to 0.2°C
Calibration Volume 35mm diameter x 160mm deep (excludes Insulating Cap)
Standard Insert 6 thermometer wells as standard (9.5mm, 8.0mm, 6.4mm, 6.4mm, 4.5mm and 4.5mm all 157mm deep)
Power 200 Watts
Voltage 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 215mm(W) x 420mm (D), x 640mm (H)
Weight 22.7kg

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