Isotech's Temperature Calibration Laboratory | NTPL

Isotech's Temperature Calibration Laboratory | NTPL

Learn about our laboratories and how we can help you by calibrating your temperature standards to the smallest of uncertainties and with international recognition

Isothermal Technology Ltd is the worlds leading supplier of temperature calibration equipment. This is a great privilege and a responsibility we take extremely seriously.

Isotech’s UKAS accredited calibration laboratory, Northern Temperature Primary Laboratory (NTPL), was established in 1983 and has grown to be a full scale laboratory providing calibration to the smallest of uncertainties. This not only ensures our customer’s receive the best possible calibration service but also helps maintain Isotech’s position as a global leader in its field as the laboratories form the focal point of Isotech product research and development.

Isotech’s laboratories are UKAS accredited – accreditation No. 0175. UKAS is the United Kingdom member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The laboratories at Isotech are audited annually by UKAS and its technical assessors, who are some of the world’s leading authorities on temperature metrology, for competence and compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

To learn more about our calibration services visit our PrimarySecondary and Industrial Calibration pages.

We have the smallest of uncertainties which can be seen on our UKAS Schedule.

View Schedule from UKAS

A copy of our accreditation certificate is available for download. UKAS do not show an expiry date as the validity should be checked directly on the UKAS website.

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