Multi Junction Laboratory Probes

Suit Isotech Thermocouple Reference Units

Multi Junction Laboratory Probes

Suit Isotech Thermocouple Reference Units

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Probes are suitable for use with all Isotech thermocouple reference units or may be used with any other equipment including ice flasks and ice point reference units.

They can be supplied to suit a single thermocouple, or up to ten double junctions in a single assembly.

These probes are normally specified to order, or are made to match the reference equipment to which they will be fitted. Normal lead length, L2, is 1M but can be specified at the time of order along with the probe length, L1.

All wire material is to the highest grade available and PTFE insulated, numbered and colour coded for the appropriate thermocouple type. Double junctions are most commonly supplied (four wire connections per junction). Single junctions (two wire connections per junction) can also be supplied.

For Types R & S cold junctions are most commonly made from low cost compensating cable but can be supplied in platinum material to special order.

Standard thermocouple Types are, K, E, J, T, N, U, S and R. Other materials available on request

For Isotech reference units simply advise which model the junctions are for, and the types and number required. For custom junctions the following information is required.

Code Single Junction Probes
K Nickel Chromium vs Nickel Aluminum
E Nickel Chromium vs Copper Nickel (Constantan)
J Iron vs Constantan
T Copper vs Constantan
N Nicrosil vs Nisil
U Copper vs Cupronic
S Platinum vs Platinum 10% Rhodium
R Platinum vs Platinum 13% Rhodium
Double Junction Combinations Examples
K Nickel Chromium vs Copper
K Nickel Aluminum vs Copper
J Iron vs Copper
J Constantan vs Copper
U Cupronic vs Copper
S/R Platinum vs Copper
S Platinum 10% Rhodium vs Copper
R Platinum 13% Rhodium vs Copper
How to order Model 880 Cold Junction Probes are normally specified for each order. Please discuss your exact requirements with us before ordering.

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